Adult Responsibilities

Wednesday, 26 July 2006, 0:36 | Category : Life
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For a while now, I’ve been fighting off the feeling that I was turning into an adult. I mean, just because I have an increasingly responsible job, and more friends who are married that are single, doesn’t mean that I’m an adult. I still (sometimes) go to the bar on a weeknight (although I no longer close it down or take advantage of the drink specials). And some weekends I still sleep until noon.

Then, as I was driving home tonight, contemplating what I was going to cook for dinner, it hit me. I am an adult. After work today I went and had my tires rotated, got a good recommendation for a brake shop to get my brakes checked (because they’re due, not because they’re bad), and then went to the grocery store where I bought adult food like bananas, granola, bread, and yogurt.

I run errands like an adult. I buy groceries like an adult. I even party like an adult – responsibly. Ugh. Enough of that! Starting tomorrow, it’s back to the youngster days for me!

Yeah, right. Until the alarm goes of at 5:45 am and I get up and go back to my responsible job, wearing sensible shoes.

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  1. 1K or D

    Wow. Sounds like you hit midlife crisis already! Better stop hanging out with us “older” adults so you don’t suffer through our ailments.

  2. 2Brandi

    K –

    You have way too much time on your hands if you’re actually reading this little blog of mine and commenting this frequently.

  3. 3K or D

    I need another hobby aside from neglecting my own blog.

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