Knowing When To Quit

Thursday, 27 July 2006, 6:05 | Category : Uncategorized
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Sometimes I really think I need to learn when to quit. Now, for example would be a good time. Not my job or anything drastic like that – but probably the drugs. (Just kidding – for those of you who know me, you’ll know that drugs aren’t something I do.)

Despite the fact that I am overwhelmed with and unable to keep up with my current job, I’ve taken on the responsibilities to help with marketing a struggling club in the northern Colorado area. I’m not sure if the guy who bought the club wants me to market it because he thinks I’ll be good at it, or because he just wants to hang out with me. Either way, its going to be an interesting opportunity and challenge.

And on the guy front – since that seems to be what these posts always come back to… yeah. I should quit trying with them too.

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  1. 1Ze Flash

    i share your frustration, but with girls. don’t quit.

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