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Wednesday, 5 July 2006, 22:27 | Category : Life
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Is it weird for your eye color to match your hair color perfectly? I think it is – but someone told me this weekend that it’s “gorgeous.” I still just think its odd – and an odd thing to mention. I think I will go look to see if its true now. (Its a good thing that I don’t have blue eyes!)

Also – I received a comment from someone on MySpace. (Yes, I am a member of that cesspool. That cesspool gave me back some great friends from back in the day!) Normally I pass random comments off as just that, random. But this guy was odd because A – he’s a stripper; and B – he doesn’t have any pictures of his face. At all. Pictures of his back. And his abs. And nearly his “special zone.” Is he one of America’s Most Wanted, or is his face truly his worst feature?

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  1. 1K or D

    Could be he’s so full of his abs and back he ran out of space on his memory card before he could get to his face.

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