That Love Problem

Monday, 24 July 2006, 23:50 | Category : relationships
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“It’s the love part that I think might be problematic. In my opinion, you can only say that love truly is love once you’re both dead, because it’s only then, once you’ve managed to go your entire lives with each other and that’s nowhere for you to go off to or anymore to go off with, that it finally becomes real. Anything else is more or less just infatuation. I’m serious.” The door to one of the neighboring flats slammed shut, shaking my windows. I crawled into bed. “Everybody loves a lover but too many people lack Staying Power. Love should be fatal. You should never recover from it. If you can, then it wasn’t love.” –Mike Gayle
“Loving is a lot like watching a 20 minute fireworks display – exciting, emotional, romantic, sweet, memorable. But it also always ends as dramatic as it began; fades slowly into thin air and as much as you want to keep watching, there is nothing to make it stay. In the end, all there is left is a starless night and the fact that in this life, good things never seem to last.”

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  1. 1Ze Flash

    why must it be like that?

  2. 2K or D

    I think the great thing about Love is the many different ways it can be experienced. Not just through one person but also through others, events, actions, etc.

    Love is like an onion.
    Or is that Ogres are like onions?
    I always forget that.

  3. 3Brandi

    Hey Gelded – I never meant it had to be that way… it just often is.

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