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Some confuse conversation with talking, or course, and go on for the rest of
their lives, never stopping, boring others with meaningless chatter and
complaints. But real conversation includes asking questions, and asking the
right questions before it’s too late. – Charles Schulz

I read this quote earlier today, and couldn’t help but feel drawn to it. How often do we think that we’re having conversations, that we’re truly communicating, when, in fact, we’re merely talking. A friend and I communicate mostly via text-messaging. This is partly due to our busy schedules, and partly due to how easy it is. Its even easier than calling someone. You don’t have to think of as much to say, and there really are no awkward silences. When you put the two of us in a car, there’s a silence. Its not uncomfortable, by any means, but it exists there, nearly palatable.

When I was a youngster, I was a relatively quiet kid. (Yes, I can year you laughing. Now stop, this is serious.) It wasn’t that I couldn’t talk, or wouldn’t. It was just that I had nothing to say. I think if we all slow down the chatter a bit, and learn to listen more, or even to have real meaningful conversations, we could all learn a lot. I want to get back to that point where we not only ask the right questions before its too late, we actually learn what the right questions are. They’re not “How about that rainstorm?” or “Did you catch that new movie this weekend?” They’re “How are you?” and actually listening to the answer. Or knowing that someone has a sick child or a new dog and taking the time to get to know them.

People are typically wonderfully passionate about something in their lives. I’m going to make it my new goal to listen more, to find out what people’s passions are, and, hopefully cut down on this clutter that we all hear every day.

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