Today’s "Well, Duh" Headline

Thursday, 3 August 2006, 0:11 | Category : Funny or Dumb
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So, since I’m home from work, and no longer required to be glued to a computer screen, I naturally log on at home to check what’s going on in the world of news. I’m a frequent purveyor of Google News, typically because of the wide variety of stories. And I’m also frequently amused when the picture doesn’t match up with the headline (when, for example Jennifer Aniston shows up with the crisis in the Middle East). But I digress.

Most days, I find a “Well, Duh” headline in my reading, and today is no exception. According to Pregnancy and Pot Don’t Mix. Thanks Forbes (and BBC, and countless others). We’re all very aware of the warnings about alcohol, tobacco, and even caffiene intake during those formative months – does the general populace truly believe that an illicit drug would be any different? What is the next headline going to be – “LSD Harmful to Lactating Mothers and their Infants” because the babies are having the hallucinations?

Just my humble opinion on the world. No offense to anyone reading this who may partake of said substances, or whose mothers did while they were pregnant (although that would explain a lot…)

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