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There’s a special kind of relationship that happens every day, but that we rarely talk about. Most people don’t want to admit that they’re involved in it, no matter what side of the fence they’re on.

This relationship, my friend, is called “The Twinkie”

A twinkie is someone who is merely a filler. They don’t serve in the “meat and potatoes” role that a real girlfriend or boyfriend fills. You don’t want to take them home to meet your parents, or often even to a gathering to meet your friends. They’re just the people you hang out with, sometimes make out with, and watch movies with. You cuddle on the couch, have drinks, but you both know that that’s all it is.

The wonderful thing about twinkies is that there is no pressure. Since you both know there isn’t a future, you don’t have to talk about where the relationship is going. There is no relationship to go anywhere. You’re a filler, they’re a filler.

There’s a downside to twinkies as well. Once you get used to having them, you stop looking for meat and potatoes. You become complacent. Its easier to have them rather than trying to look your best and put on another happy face.

If you haven’t had a twinkie, I strongly encourage you to get one. And if you’re currently with one, make sure that you’re not settling too early. And if you’re in a relationship, and you don’t know if you’re a twinkie, ask yourself this: Are you willing to have “the talk”? Do other people know that you’re dating? If you’re not, you’re probably a twinkie.

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  1. 1Danimal

    that just makes me sad… if there is no future to the twinkie, why even bother with faking it… I’d rather be alone than someone’s filler or just having filler. But then again i had enough filler in college and the like.

  2. 2Aaron (required)

    Wow. That is an excellent description for what others call “friends with benefits.” Once again, you are oh so correct. Well said, Tot.

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