6 Common Misconceptions

Tuesday, 3 October 2006, 15:54 | Category : working
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I ran across this link earlier today, and thought it was interesting. And it’s written simply enough that even people like me can understand it :)
6 Commonly Believed Things That Are Wrong

On another note, thanks to anyone who reads this who has been tolerating me the past few days. I know I’ve been a little crazy, but the good news is that I really have a feeling that things are going to be getting better. :)

And – I really want to go to the Corn Maze this year. I’ve never been, and I think it sounds like fun. I tried to go a couple of years ago, but my friend and I just got lost and we ended up driving around instead. If you want to go, let me know! :)

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  1. 1K or D

    Corn Maze away!! Ann and I would be in if you can stay two old crackheads acting like teenage zombies then we’d go.

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