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So much has changed since the last time I wrote a blog. And there are so many ways to write this one…

I’m going to start with Things Not To Say
1 – When someone tells you that they don’t want to see you anymore, you should not say “Okay.” You should at least try to come up with something more interesting, like “If you think that’s best” or “I’ll miss seeing you” or at least “I wish you the best!” But no, just “okay” is not acceptable.
2 – If your employee tells you that they’ve applied for a new job in a different division, you should not say “That’s great! I’m so excited for you!” as your first reaction. You should at least try to convince them to stay before you encourage them to leave.
3 – When you are trying to convince an employee to stay, maybe you should avoid saying “We don’t want to invest in you.” If you dont want to invest in your employee, chances are, they won’t want to invest in you either.

So, that probably gave you some clues over what’s been happening. First, I stopped seeing the guy I’d been seeing since this summer. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him (I did), or that we didn’t have fun together (we did). We just rarely saw each other, and just didn’t have any of the same interests.

Second, I applied for a new job – and the exciting part is – I got it! Starting in January, I’ll be the emedia project manager for a group of electronic engineering magazines. If I thought the group I worked for now had a “geek” audience, this one is 10x geekier. I’m very excited about the new job.

That’s about it for now – the snow is finally starting to melt (I’ve been stuck at the house as part of the Holiday blizzard 2006), so I may try to venture out for a while. Once the sun goes down all of the melting is going to turn into pure ice – which is going to be even less fun than the snow. We’ll see if I can make it to yoga class tonight, or if I just wait until after Christmas. :)

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