A Note About Personal Responsibility

Tuesday, 27 February 2007, 0:37 | Category : Life, working
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Why is personal responsibility missing in so much of today’s society? I mean, honestly.

At work, one of my co-workers asked repeatedly for the tools to do part of her job. Now that she has them, she claims to not have time to use them. Or can we make them push the information she needs to her inbox, so she doesn’t have to *gasp* take the time to log into a website and find the information there.

At one of my favorite stores, they had a store that said “Brand X Jeans, $21.90 Regularly: $29.00″ So, I bought a pair of Brand X Jeans, and they charged me $29.00. Their reasoning – it wasn’t the jeans on the table with the sign. “There are no signs that say that by the jeans you picked,” the salesgirl calmly informed me. I think that’s false advertising, since there was no mention on the sign that it may only apply to select styles, or only to the jeans that are on that table. When I mentioned that to the salesgirl, she said she’d tell the manager. I went in 2 weeks later, and the same sign was there, so I asked the manager about it. She said that the signs were just what corporate had sent them, and she was sorry. Hello! How long does it take to write “Select styles only” or “This table only” on the sign so that some actually bitchy customer doesn’t come in and throw a fit until they give her the jeans for $21.90. Apparently it wasn’t her responsibility.

I’m finding more and more in our society that indviduals refuse to take responsibility for their jobs, their health, their weight, or their happiness. Here’s a novel thought – if its within your power to do it, just do it. The world would be a much better place if we spent less time whining about what we don’t have because we’ve been wronged by so-and-so, and just did what it took to get the job done.

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