My Favorite Movie… Ruined.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007, 0:57 | Category : Uncategorized
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So, I was flipping channels tonight, rather tired of watching House on TiVo, and decided to see what was on Comedy Central. And my favorite movie was on.

“If Lucy Fell.”

Nobody’s ever seen this movie, besides me. Its got Sarah Jessica Parker, in her pre-Sex in the City days, and Ben Stiller before his Zoolander days. And Elle McPherson. Its got silly stuff, sad stuff, and has always been one of my favorite Romantic Comedies. Everyone else loves “When Harry Met Sally” – I love “If Lucy Fell.”

So, I start watching, because thats what you do when your favorite movie is on.

And they’ve cut out words – on behalf of the TV sensor. Now, normally I don’t mind, but the word they’ve cut is “Dick”, and in this case it really is used in relation to artwork. (Joe is a painter, and he’s done a painting called Limp Dick Man.) They won’t allow Elle McPherson to whisper “He does have a rather limp dick”; but, they do allow Joe to announce that he has herpes. On his mouth.

Whatever – the movie is fabulous. Watch it. With or without the Limp D*ck Man.

And stay tuned for my favorite quote:
“I’m starting to get this dating thing, I think. I sit back and watch as these strange men try to impress you in weird and stupid ways, and then, you pick the least disgusting one, I guess.”

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