So much to say… and so few words to say it with.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007, 4:47 | Category : working
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Today, one of my bestest friends at work got laid off. I can’t imagine what the office is going to be like without him. I mean, really – who will I run to when my laptop gets all crazy? Or who will bring me alcohol to keep in my desk for the really bad days. On a side note – he’d make a great employee, so if you need a super IT guy, let me know! He’s the best!

Also today, another one of my really good friends at work gave her notice that she’s moving on to a new job. While I’m excited for her, I’m a little saddened as well. She’ll be moving to Denver, starting a whole new life. We were really just starting to see each other on a regular basis, having Grey’s nights and participating in the biggest loser contest. I’m going to be much less motivated to stay on the wagon when she’s not around.

The company is changing so much – its hard to know if in another few months I’ll want to be there at all.

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  1. 1Dano y Yeti

    I’ll miss you too bestest girl buddy!
    Just remember we’ll have plenty a time together on the practice course for golf!!!

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