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I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my blog. Not so much in a technical term (although getting this to publish correctly on my own domain is much more difficult than I originally thought it would be), but in the sense that I question if the words that I write really have enough power to make them worth sending into the world of cyber-space.

My friend Dan is the author of “Before the Tense” – a blog simply endowed with “You know you love pretense” as its introduction. When I read Dan’s blogs, I am humbled. To start with, he can actual use words like pretense, naysayer and formulatic in sentences and paragraphs that make sense. His choices of topics are often emotionally significant as well, whether it be the Eulogy, which asks you to question your own role models, or the videos of chimps and monkeys from Japan that make you laugh in the middle of an otherwise bleak day.

Then, there is Kevin – primary author of “Good Puppet Bad Puppet“. He writes about whatever is significant in his life, often things that we can relate to. But he isn’t afraid to use his blog to voice his opinions on what is going on in the world. People have already commented on how he “puts it out there” on his blog.

Of course, I also have my friends who are simply occassional bloggers but who find powerful words to describe where they are in their lives. These are models for sharing how you’re feeling, but also can help you find someone else who feels just the way you do.

And then there’s my blog. Where I write innanely about golf, or post links to silly time-wasting websites. If anything, I suppose that this blog is a good testament about where I am in my life. Because of the eclectic nature, it gives you a good insight into the randomness of who I am.

I’ll try to get better about blogging, despite the beautiful days of spring and summer that are upon us. Because the truth is, if you’re reading this, no matter if I use fancy words, or embedd pictures, or write about the “big” issues in life – you’re reading this because you either know me and care – or you’re at least somewhat amused by the random rants of a 20-something still searching for meaning.

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