Sushi, The Avenging Unicorn, and Being Broke

Sunday, 22 April 2007, 0:49 | Category : Life
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I got to hang out with my buddy Daron for a while today, which was nice, since I hadn’t seen him much since I stopped going to yoga. (I didn’t stop going because I didn’t like the yoga – I love yoga. I stopped going because of workers comp therapy on my wrist. Having it immobilized makes the yoga a bit harder to do.) What started out as just a quick coffee break turned into a nice couple of hours in Old Town, including a trip to the store Curiosities. Part of the reason for my wanders down there was to procure a new toy for my office.

If you’ve never been to my office, you won’t know this, but I have an office with toys in it. I have stuffed animals, slinkies, and one of those magnets with 259 little metal dollar signs that you can use to form shapes. I’ve lately been feeling that my office has been missing something… and that something was The Avenging Unicorn. After conference calls like the one I was on last Thursday, I realized I needed a slightly more aggressive toy, and this is it. It comes with 4 interchangable horns, and 3 figurines that the unicorn can “stab.” I’m sure that this will provide many hours of good fun in my office in the coming weeks and months. Daron also got a chicken pen for the yoga studio. Its a little creepy – I’m not gonna lie.

After our walk to Curiosities, we walked past JeJu, one of our local restaurants. We were talking about their “Ultra White Tuna Rolls” – and Daron suggested we go in. We did, and we had some great sushi, and some fun conversations. One of the other folks who attends the yoga studio, Eric, showed up as well. He just partook of a few beans of edamame, before he left us for … well, I’m not really sure what. Laundry, maybe. I hadn’t had sushi in at least a month, so not only did I get good company, I had some good and mostly healthy lunch.

After the fun times, I went on a search for a new lugnut to replace the missing one from my right front tire. As it turns out, I’ll have to get one from the manufacturer. But, I did find out that my tires were legally bald. Since they don’t offer tire toupes, or rubber plugs, I had to buy new tires. Thus, I am broke for the next month or so, but at least I’ll be safely driving my money-less self around.

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