Advice to Writers by Vonnegut

Wednesday, 2 May 2007, 22:21 | Category : Uncategorized
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I’ve always rather thought of myself as a writer. By no means am I a good writer, or even a prolific writer, but I enjoy the process of putting words together into sentences, sentences together into paragraphs, and paragraphs together into… well, whatever it is that I am writing.

Thus, I have a blog. Its a place where I can write, and made my voice heard.

Using StumbleUpon, I found this post: Advice to Writers by Vonnegut. Simply put, he says:
1. Find a subject you care about
2. Do not ramble, though
3. Keep it simple
4. Have guts to cut
5. Sound like yourself
6. Say what you mean
7. Pity the readers

We lost a great man the day we lost Vonnegut, but I hope that his tips help inspire more writers to find their voices and pursue their passions.

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