Follow-up on Being Lost

Tuesday, 29 May 2007, 0:05 | Category : Life
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I’ve heard it said that not all who wander are lost. Maybe this is the case of the humpback whales that have been “lost” in the Sacramento River for the past couple of weeks. Rescuers have been trying every tactic, including finally shooting fire hoses into the river, to drive the whales back into the ocean. It seemed as if they were finally making progress, moving the whales downstream to Honker Bay, but now they face a new threat: large ships.

I’m not trying to give these whales undue credit – its very likely that they just were truly lost.

But it raises a new question – at what point is someone truly lost, and at what point, are they just wandering? When do outside forces need to intervene and say “Listen, you’re headed the wrong way”? We would not have the amazing discoveries that we do, if people only walked the straight and narrow.

If you’re feeling lost, ask for directions. But don’t let someone tell you that you’re lost when in fact, you’re just wandering, trying to find a new way to where you intended to go all along.

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