How much do you make a minute?

Tuesday, 1 May 2007, 0:02 | Category : working
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A friend and I went through an interesting exercise the other day. We know that one of the services in our building costs $1.00 per minute. So, we decided to figure out how much we get paid by the minute. Since we’re on salary, we don’t even really think about how much we make an hour, let alone, a minute.

It raises plenty of questions though – like how you spend your minutes. How much is a bathroom break? A phone call? How much does it really cost for you to sit silently by on that phone call, just in case they need you?

Another interesting question – if you’re working overtime, you’re effectively reducing how much you’re making. If you break it down on a per-minute basis, you could be making less per minute than cell phone overages.

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