Is Bitching Healthy? Helpful?

Monday, 21 May 2007, 15:17 | Category : Life, working
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So, it’s Monday… what better day to read about if bitching is really good for you. Is it healthy? According to the Life Coaches Blog, bitching can be theraputic. The article even discusses what a life coach will do to help make sure that your bitching is healthy. The biggest problem I saw here? They only allow bitching for 1 minute! Anybody who’s been in a situation that’s worth bitching about knows that sometimes it takes more than 60 seconds to get it all out there.

The rest of the tips are pretty good though… here are their steps:

Step 1 – Allow bitching about it for 1 minute. However, the catch is you can ONLY do so for an alloted time of a single minute. Let all your emotions out. Then we are going to close the Bitching Box and WILL NOT come back to it again. We will move on to the next box.

Step 2 – “What happened?” Only list the facts of the event and not your judgement about persons involved. Be as detailed as possible. Take the 3rd person’s perspective. When you decide all the facts have been addressed, close the Event Box and we will not come back to it again. Move on to the next box.

Step 3 – “What must you do differently?” In order for the situation to become better or avoided, what must you do DIFFERENT? You can only focus on things that you do, not what others should do. Keep this Options Box open till you complete Step 4.

Step 4 – “What do you commit to do?” From the Options Box, find one thing that you are willing to commit to allow the changes to take place. By this time, you will notice that your focus is on creating possibilities and away from blaming others/the situation. Pick an option or a combination of a few that allows you to positively affect changes. Close the Options Box and place your choice of action and response in the Commitment Box. Declare: “I commit to…for the purpose of…so that I can reap positive benefit of doing so.”

Step 5 – Define the 1st Action Step to take. Make it SMART.

Some of you may wonder whether Step 1 is even necessary. Well, my friends, that’s entirely up to you. It’s only one freaking minute.

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