Mentoring Employees

Monday, 14 May 2007, 22:48 | Category : working
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I’ve got a friend or 2 that work for a companies that are hemmoraging employees. Every time I talk to them, it seems as if they’re going to another going-away lunch, or cross-training to take over someone’s role. After a while, and enough stories about what its like to work at these places, I realize that they’re missing something incredibly valuable in today’s workforce, especially when working with young adults and new graduates.

They’re not mentoring their employees. They’re not encouraging their employees to grow within the company, and so, in turn, the employees leave to find a place where they can grow.

In this article by Fast Company, they talk about ways to mentor employees. If more employers put more attention into simple things like the ones they suggest, the better chance they’d have at keeping their employees. Its not always about the paychecks, or the hours. Its about feeling needed and valuable.

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