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I went out last night, for the first time in a while. And I don’t mean that I’m a hermit, but that I don’t go out to the bars very often. I don’t go to the bars because, everything, and I do mean everything, turns into drama. Invariably there is going to be at least one crying girl in one bathroom, 2 guys starting a mild shoving match, and someone getting hurt either physically or emotionally.

Last night, I was the one who got physically hurt. Of course, I didn’t realize the severity of it until this morning.

My toes were stepped on about 47 times last night – which is pretty normal. And I wore sandals, because they were easily cleaned and comfortable. One of the 47 times that I was stepped on, a girl wearing nice pointy heels was able to get her spike heel right on my toe. It hurt like a b*tch. (Not that I know how a b*tch hurts, but we’ll save that for another post.)

What I didn’t realize until this morning, was that the heel split my toenail. I realized it at about 5 am when I woke up to a spinning room, and I threw back my covers, and with them… half of my toenail. It didn’t rip off completely – I think it might have been a little easier if it had ripped off, because I wouldn’t have looked down to see the bloody goo seeping out from between the halves of my toenails.

I’ve since repaired my toenail using an old home remedy – teabags. Its under two bandaids, and I’m hopeful that by the end of the summer it will look like a normal toenail again. And luckily, ballet flats are in this season.

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