Sharks Can Reproduce Alone

Wednesday, 23 May 2007, 10:51 | Category : Life
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… so I guess it’s too bad I’m not a shark. :)
Researchers have found that hammerhead sharks can reproduce alone. They produce what’s called a “sister polar body” when they produce an egg, which can then bond to the egg and create baby sharks. The baby shark is genetically disadvantaged, because of a lack of genetic diversity that is created when two different genetic types mate. You can read more about the findings at Female Sharks Can Reproduce Alone.

So, why do I care that female sharks can reproduce alone? Because back in the day, I was a total science nerd. I wanted to be a genetic counselor, but unfortunately I didn’t embrace lab work enough to make it there. Instead I took the path of marketing and communications, and I ended up here, writing blogs and 56+ page instruction manuals about how to use web tools. I like my job, but its never going to make it in the news.

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