Tuesday, 12 June 2007, 9:34 | Category : Life
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“Could you change when change really mattered?” —Alan Deutschman, author, “Change or Die”

I’d like to think that I could. That I’m not so stuck in my ways that when push came to shove that I could do what it took to ensure continued not only survival, but thriving.
Of course, after week 1 of teacher training, I’m not so sure. Making the adjustment to spend my nights and weekends learning sanskrit and learning how to get people into and out of various postures is proving much harder than I anticipated. I really like sleep. And I like watching TV and movies. Heck, I like watering my plants and just reading books. They say that yoga changes you; helps bring you to a calmer, more centered place in your life. I haven’t seen that change yet. Right now I’m just feeling more stress and tension from trying to “get it all done.”
Could I change if the change really mattered?
Yes, I could.
Does this change really matter?
That’s yet to be seen.

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