I need music to work

Thursday, 7 June 2007, 14:04 | Category : working
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I’ve discovered something about myself in the last few days. I really believe that I *need* music to reach that magical point of flow that allows me to finish doing mindless statistics for people who may or may not read them or care, and to do whatever else comes along that constitutes my job.

Before I got my iPod (Lil’ B), I had mix CDs that were carefully crafted to suit different moods. I still have some of them – like “Fun Dance-y Music” that I pull out when I want to relieve the music that played in the back of the house at Olive Garden in 2000. Oh, and “Brandi’s Eclectic Mix, Volumes 1 -10″ because I just put on random songs that I liked, with no rhyme or reason.

Now, I don’t need those CD combinations because I have the magic of iTunes and iPod with the magic of “shuffle all songs” and unlimited playlists. I’m consistently amazed at the varitey of music that I have, and how many songs I have that I’ve seriously never listened to. I just wish that there was a way to really immortalize some of the great combinations that “shuffle” provides the way that those mix CDs did.

And now, back to work. Web stats you say?

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