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Friday, 15 June 2007, 10:57 | Category : Funny or Dumb, Life
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As I was listening to the radio this morning, as I nearly always do, a new, interesting ad came on – for a latex clothing store. It had some of that swanky music in the background, and mentioned “you know you feel sexy in latex.” Their latex items come in a variety of colors, including teal – not just black! They also have some other rather different items which I wasn’t listening to because I was pondering to myself… living in the conservative area that I do, is there really enough demand to keep latex-wear stores in business? In the sleepy bedroom community, do we have the people who let their unique side out in leather corseted dresses (sizes small to 1x).

I’m sure that we all have our hidden desires, our secrets that we don’t share with the rest of the world. Maybe we don’t even share it with the people closest to us. As odd as it sounds, I hope this latex place makes it. (Not because I’m into latex – lets just get that out there before you ask.) I hope they make it because the growth of online sales just seems to keep pushing elements of counter-culture further and further underground. If latex clothing is your thing, or D&D, or scrapbooking, and you’re always shopping online, you miss the opportunity to meet other people who share your interests.

Oh, and that latex clothing store ad was pretty effective. I don’t remember the name of it, or where it is. But I can tell you that they have flashing platform shoes, skull platform shoes, and 8″ platforms. If I wore 8″ platform shoes, I’d be 6’2″.

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