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Thursday, 14 June 2007, 19:03 | Category : Life
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I don’t have the most common name on the planet. In most situations, I’m the only Brandi around. Growing up, there wasn’t a time when someone else in the class had the same name that I do. Later, it was like I was notorious. People meet me and they go “Oh… so you’reBrandi…” Like they’d heard something about me – possibly something that wasn’t quite good.

Now, in my yoga teacher training, there’s a Brandee. She’s a super nice lady – and great at yoga. She’s going to make a great instructor someday.

But its odd for me to not answer when someone says Brandee. Or wonder what they’re talking about when they say “Bye Brandee, have a good night!” and I’m still standing there. Its not a self-centered kind of thing. I simply react when I hear that name – even when its not directed at me.

I’m not “the” Brandi anymore – if anything, she is “the” Brandee, and I’m the one on the outside.

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  1. 1The Wolf

    That’s why I call you poophead. There’s no confusing that for Brandee.

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