The Thing about Memories

Sunday, 3 June 2007, 23:49 | Category : Life, relationships
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As much as you believe that there are things in your life that you can never forget, you do. People, moments, thoughts… they can all fade away as new people and moments fill their spaces.

First, I forgot how he smelled. Once in a while, someone would walk by that smelled like him, and my head would turn. Now, I can’t even remember a whiff of his cologne.

Second, I forgot the sound of his voice. I forgot what sounded like when he laughed, or when he told me that he loved me. I forgot the way we sang together, and the way we said goodnight.

Third, I forgot his touch. I forgot if his skin was soft or rough, or the way his lips felt on mine. I don’t remember how far to tilt my head to accept his kiss. I’m sure that there’s a specific way I felt when I was in his arms, but those memories are locked away.

Then, I started to forget what he looked like. I forgot his chin, and his nose, and his smile. I forgot the color of his eyes.

Finally, he’s just a vague outline of someone I used to love. Someone I used to know. Vague outlines don’t have the power to hurt you the way that vivid memories do. Vague outlines just sit there on the edge of your consiousness, waiting for you to want to remember.

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