Giving Up?

Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 12:55 | Category : Life
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“People give up when the world seems to be against them, but that’s the point when you should push,” said James Dyson.

This seems so intuitive for the world we live in today – but we often forget. We choose to lay down in defeat, to fall off the horse and walk away, to allow the forces which could push us to be better to instead just simply push us over. It seems easier that way. We’re tired of the risks and tired of being hurt. Sometimes we’re just tired of the drama that swirls around us when we try to find something better rather than just settling.

After the experiences of the last couple of weeks, it renewed my determination to fight. I’m not going to be complacent, just taking what’s handed to me. I’m not going to keep things around that don’t enhance my life, whether that be music I don’t like, or people who don’t inspire me to be a better person. Its not because they don’t have value – its because we all do have value, and we deserve to explore that value.

Its my life – I’m not ready to give it up just because I’m tired.

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  1. 1Dan

    I am glad you aren’t givin’ up. I am sure even in the toughest of circumstances you will come out on top. Existenialism means that we grow through adversity, without adversity we cannot enjoy bliss.

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