I'm Not There Yet

Tuesday, 3 July 2007, 0:13 | Category : Life
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Part of yoga teacher training has focused on spiritual growth, and feeling connected to the “Oneness” and “Self.” As part of this, we should have compassion for others. I’ve been trying to practice that for at least a few minutes every day; its especially important when I’m driving.

So, today, while I was driving to yoga, the driver behind me came up onto my bumper. She started honking her horn when I didn’t turn, because there was a bicyclist on the opposite corner, directly beneath a large “No Right Turn on Red when Pedestrians are Present” sign. As I waited for the light to change, she crept closer and closer, and began gesturing for me to turn. I waited. And I continued to wait until after the cyclist crossed the street, and then I turned. She continued to drive on top of my bumper after we turned; then, as I turned left to go to the studio, she went straight. She honked. I waved graciously. I practiced compassion for both the cyclist and the other driver.

But with the other hand, I flipped her off. It’s yoga practice, not perfection.

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