What Ever Happened to Dating?

Tuesday, 3 July 2007, 19:46 | Category : Life, relationships
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I’ve been wondering lately, what ever happened to dating? The times when a guy came and picked you up, you went to dinner and a movie, or out dancing, and at the end of the night you got those butterflies wondering if you’d see each other again, and if the night would end with a kiss.

All the men these days seem to think a date is trying to find a way to get your clothes off, or at least you into their bed. They expect you to drive to meet them (or pick them up!), and then pay your half.

I’m as big of a fan of independence as anyone I know, but sometimes it would be nice to be pampered, just a bit. Or treated like a lady.

Like I used to say: “Sometimes you need flowers, just because it’s Tuesday.”

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