Crockpots in a Microwave World

Wednesday, 8 August 2007, 0:33 | Category : relationships
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Tara and I were talking tonight about relationships – and about how fast some of the relationships around us seem to move. People go from barely meeting to spending long weekends together in the course of a few weeks. I, for one, am not really that type. Maybe its because I’ve gotten burned before, but I seem to try to take the slow and steady course. Tara’s the same way.

While we were talking she said to me… “We’re just crockpots in a microwave world. It takes us a while to get hot, but we do get there, and what happens when we are cooking is worth the wait.” First, that made me smile, because there’s hardly anything better than putting a few key ingredients in the crock pot before you leave for work in the morning, and coming home to a nice hearty, hot meal. Of course, I live in the microwave era, where if it can’t be nuked, it may not make it into my house.

It made me think though… because we do live in a microwave era. We do live in a time where even the deepest relationships are really temporary. Are people likely to take the time on the crock-pot relationships? (I said crockpot, not crackpot. This isn’t about being crazy. :)) Or are we going to have to find a way to heat up fast just to keep up?

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