Lessons from Scottsdale

Friday, 24 August 2007, 13:55 | Category : Life, working
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I spent most of this week in Scottsdale, Arizona at a sales meeting. Now I typically don’t look forward to those types of things, because I’m not on the sales staff, and I find myself tuning out as they talk about print marketshare. (OK, maybe not print marketshare. I think marketshare is interesting – I used to work with that a lot… but you get the point.)

Instead of dreading this trip, I tried to go into it with an open-mind, looking at the value I could get out of it. And that value was building relationships with my co-workers from around the country. Its so much easier to support people when you actually *know* them. When you know that their daughter’s birthday is 2 days after your own, or how they met their wife. We’re all just people, and the more I can help each of them succeed individually, the more our company will succeed as a whole.

Other things I learned in Scottsdale:

  • Watch out for cactus. They can jump on you when you least expect it. Like when you’re looking for a golf ball.
  • Pros use combs to remove cactus from your ankle after they’ve jumped on you.
  • Everything at Tommy Bahama’s has coconut in it.
  • Bob at the hotel bar makes a great peach martini.
  • After a while, anyone can learn to say “Its only going to be 107 today!”
  • You feel better doing something nice for someone else than by remembering something grumpy someone else did to you.
  • The Scottsdale Airport has free wireless internet, and airplane patterns in the carpet.
  • I really need to read a book about the physics of pool.
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