Mac: You Can't Be What?

Wednesday, 8 August 2007, 10:41 | Category : Uncategorized
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Since I’m a registered iPod owner, I get the fun, promotional emails from Apple. Despite the fact that they break every best practice that I’ve learned for designing promotional emails, (They’re all images – very attractive on the surface but impossible to read without an HTML-enabled email program… but more about that will appear on eMedia Daily) I enjoy looking at their campaigns.

The campaign for their new iMac left me wondering about the consiousness of Apple, however.

The primary tagline? “You can’t be too powerful or too thin.”

Granted, we’ve all heard that before. You can’t be too rich or too thin. You can’t be too anything or too thin. But the fact is, in our society that is driven by how thin you can be, there is such a thing as too thin. Take, for example, Nicole Ritchie, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Kate Bosworth… all good examples of how we are obsessed with weight. It goes beyond the celebrities as well. At my office we have a “biggest loser” competition, which is often populated by the people who need to lose weight the least. I’m not sure if its supposed to be motivational for someone with 25 pounds to lose to be egged on by someone who wants to lose 5.

Either way, you can be too thin. You can be so thin that your body shuts down. And while I accept that this is just a marketing ploy from Apple to promote the thinness of their recent iMac release, it pays to be socially conscious.

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