Monday – Cute Shoes Day…

Monday, 6 August 2007, 13:48 | Category : Life
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I decided to wear cute shoes today. Not ordinary cute shoes like chacos or slightly unique flip-flops. I wore actual cute heels, that have flowers on them. (Ok, so I got them from my massage therapist who thought they were ugly, and gave them to me to sell at a garage sale. But I thought they were cute, and now they’re on my feet!) Of course, since they’re heels they’re not incredibly comfortable. But today, style mattered over comfort.

I should have known better than to wear cute shoes on a Monday. On Mondays I end up with meetings, and I end up walking around a fair amount. And I end up wanting someone to see my cute shoes. But the person who I think could most appreciate them isn’t here – she’s still in the hospital in Boulder, and she’s got bigger things on her mind than my cute shoes. It makes me sad that there’s not another person that can appreciate the fashion icon I attempted to be today. Today’s points: -1

I’m thinking about this as I stop in the restroom. Only to discover that the stall I’ve chosen is out of toilet paper. I’m not quite sure how it’s out of toilet paper at 10 am on a Monday, but it is. Luckily a neighbor passes me some TP and its on with my day. Today’s points: -1 (This could have become a -3 fairly quickly, but for the kindness of the neighbor.)

Its also supposed to be 90 degrees today, with a chance of rain. I felt a little weird leaving the house with just a tank-top on, since there was the chance of rain, so I put on a cropped button down sweatshirt thingie. (Again, fashion icon in the making.) And I’m glad I did because even with the extra shirt, my office is cold. Today’s points: -2 (because being cold is no fun at all).

Its certainly a Monday… at least so far.

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