McPunkin Has Left the House

Wednesday, 26 September 2007, 22:16 | Category : Life
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Over the weekend we found a young cat in our yard. Very cute – orange and white. After his owners didn’t claim him within the first 24 hours, I started calling him McLovin. Mostly because he was such a happy cat, he’d just purr any time he got close to a person. Then in an attempt to not get too attached to him, I called him Punkin. He was orange, afterall, and it is fall. McLovin and Punkin combined into one name … McPunkin.

Today I took him over to the Humane Society to have him scanned for a microchip. He didn’t have one, so we packed back into the car and headed for home. While we were on our way, my Mom called and said that there was a flyer on the mailbox of someone who had lost their orange and white cat in our neighborhood. I called them when I got home, and they came and got McPunkin. They called him “MoMo.” (I wasn’t impressed with that name, but ok.) He didn’t want to go with them, but we sent him on his way.

The owners said that he goes outside often, and has been gone for hours before but not days. Something tells me that he’ll be back.

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