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(Note: This blog was written on a small legal pad, mostly sitting in DFW Airport. This is just the transcription of those pages. :) )

1:30 PM. I arrived at the Amarillo Airport. I check in my luggage and make my way to find a diet Coke. If only I knew then what I know now. First, I try to go through security with my fresh, unopened diet Coke. They won’t let me through because its more than 3 oz of liquid. I find out that the 11 am flight hasn’t left yet, so I go find a chair from which to enjoy my drink before going through secuirty. The ticket agent reassures me that my flight is going to be on time (3:10 pm). Once I go through security I meet a nice couple waiting for the same flight – they’re from Pittsburgh. We sat by each other for a little while, then they moved to have access to power outlets.

2:30 PM. My flight is delayed by an hour due to weather in Dallas. I am reassured by another ticketing agent that I will make my connection to San Jose without any problems. During this time, I chat with a lady from southern Oregon. We compared ideas on how to get to our destinations.

4:00 PM. We’re called to get in line to board our plane.

4:02 PM. Flight is delayed by 2 hours and 25 minutes. I hunt down the only bagel on the gate side of the security checkpoint. (On the gate side, there are 2 vending machines, and one mini-wannabe-convenience store that is basically a 7-Eleven without the soda, candy, or chip selection. Those shrink-wrapped sandwiches look great.

After finishing my bagel, and meeting the brother of the basist from the band that played at Burburries (where Tara and I were the night prior), I go to ask about my connecting flight. I’m informed that my original flight is now “in discussion”… which means that it may be cancelled. And may be means probably will be. Just in case, the agent puts me on the 8:00 departure. I’ve now got three boarding passes and no plane.

A manager from The Buckle offers to give me a ride to Dallas/Ft Worth if our flight doesn’t come in soon. Not sure that will do me much good since I need to go to San Jose, but we end up having a really nice discussion.

5:56 PM. We finally board the plane. We fly to Dallas, on a boring, slightyly turbulent flight, during which I try to figure out connection possibilities.

7:12 PM. Arrive in Dallas. There’s no one to place the walkway thingie, so we’re stuck on the plane. 2 of the passengers watched helplessly as their connection took off 3 gates away.

7:25 PM. Finally get off the plane and try to find out where to get to my flight to San Jose. Terminal D. Catch the Skyway to terminal D, and as soon as I step off the train I hear “FInal Boarding Call for San Jose, gate D21.” I dart over there, hopeful that I can get to the place in time. Turns out the flight was going to San Jose, Costa Rica. Not San Jose, CA. I’m not exactly packed for Costa Rica.

One of the real flights for SJ is at 8:30, mine is at 9:10. I try to go standby on the 830 flight. Now I have 4 boarding passes. Not wanting to miss my chance, I grab some McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and a Fruit and Walnut Snack Salad and eat standing up by a map.

8:15 PM. The 8:30 Flight is pushed back to 8:45 so I decide to just go with my 9:10 flight. I turn in my standby pass, and the attendant applauds my idea. She indicates that the 8:30, now 845 is going to be continued to be delayed. On the way to my gate I stop at a bookstore and buy the notepad I used to write this blog.

Now at my gate, with my ticket, I relax a little. I call my mom and Tara. I wonder where my uggage is.

9:15 PM. I finally get on my flight to San Jose. I was supposed to be there at 6:15 San Jose time.

9:30 PM. The pilot announces that we’re going to be a bit delayed because one of the 4 main brakes overheated on the landing, and it needs to be cleared by maintenance. The plane smells like burnt rubber.

9:40 PM. We’re finally cleared for takeoff.

Oh, did I mention that at this point I’m not only worn out from hanging out in airports all day, but because Tara and I stayed out until 6 am the previous night?
My iPod battery is almost completely dead. I’m not sure how or why that happened, but I’m not happy about it.

(The pilot just said that the temperature outside is -30 degrees. Brrr. We should arrive in San Jose at 11:10 PM. I guess this means I’m not having dinner with Jamie.)

Quotes of the day:
“A pouch of chewing tobacco was left at the security checkpoint. Please Return.” – Amarillo Airport
“We’re just glad we are on the way.” Flight attendants on the flight between Dallas and San Jose
“Just got an update on the football score. Dallas is ahead 45-35 with 3 minutes left in the game.” – Dallas to San Jose Pilot

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