The Emotional Passport

Saturday, 17 November 2007, 1:03 | Category : relationships
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While I was reading my post about emotional baggage and luggage, it got me to thinking about how we carry our pasts with us. We all talk about how our hearts have been broken and left scarred.

I have a new proposition to make. Instead of counting those as scars, lets look at our hearts as passports that allow us to travel through this life, and experience all it has to offer. Your heart allows you to feel love, joy, passion, sadness, and pain. Without any one of these things, life wouldn’t be complete.

Sure, we don’t always want to experience those things, but they are the things we need to.

And for every life experience, we get another stamp in our passport. Rather than seeing these as flaws, we should treasure them for the marks of passage that they truly are. Display them proudly – every story has highlights of goodness, and fleeting moments of sadness. So does every trip.

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