Hurry Up and Slow Down

Friday, 7 December 2007, 12:12 | Category : Life
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From YogaJournal:

Life can be filled with countless lost moments. In the haste of juggling the demands of family, work, friends, and the needs of your own body and mind, your connection with the present is often replaced by preoccupation with the future. Lost in thought and busyness, your attention is prone to simply sliding over the surface of life. It’s all too easy to miss the simple moments that make your heart sing: a child’s laughter, a crisp snowflake resting on the windshield, the beat of your own heart.

You live and breathe amid the miracle of life. But for it to touch your heart, you need to be present. The precious moments of calm and stillness your heart longs for are born of your willingness to live the moment you are in. Yes, this very moment.

Waking up today in Colorado, I woke up to snow. It is truly beautiful, looking at the crab apple trees that still have little berries attached, all coated with snow, like thick icing from my favorite cinnamon rolls. But I didn’t notice the beauty of the snow right away. Instead I looked at it with curiosity, trying to determine if I’d have to shovel out the driveway before I left for work, and how much the snow would delay my drive.

Then I checked my email and read the Daily Insight from yesterday. I was fortunate enough to remember how the fields looked driving in, with the ends of the grass sticking through the snow cover, but it reminded me to slow down.

Its Friday. Slow down. Enjoy something over the next few days. Even if its just taking 2 minutes to watch the snow fall.

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