Incredibly Sad… On So Many Levels

Monday, 10 December 2007, 1:28 | Category : Life, news
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First – the shootings. For those who haven’t read the news yet, 4 people were killed today in 2 separate (but potentially related) church shootings in Colorado. The first shooting was in Arvada; the second in Colorado Springs.

I was reading the story tonight on NY Daily News (because it was the top link in GoogleNews, not because I regularly read their coverage). What horrified me more than the actual events was the comments from their readers.

Read them here.

What type of insensitive, uneducated, and narrow-minded person really reads about a tragedy like this one, and then has the audacity to say “Where is your God now?” These are people – each of these people was someone’s child. Someone’s best friend. Someone who was looking forward to sharing the upcoming holiday season with people that they love. They weren’t out tormenting people, wreaking havoc in the lives of someone. They were simply worshiping in their own way. Rather than judge them for where they were at the time, I would hope that we as people could extend sympathy to their loved ones rather than raise this kind of criticism.

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