Meet Melvin

Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 1:16 | Category : Life
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So, I haven’t written much in a while. I’d like to say its because I’ve been off having some sort of fun adventure, but its not. I do have a new friend… but I have to say, he’s not all that much fun. He’s not the kind of friend most people would like to have.

Meet Melvin. He’s my cough. This is what I picture him looking like.

He seems to be here to stay. The doctor wasn’t sure if she thought it was bronchitis, or walking pneumonia. So she gave me a massive dose of antibiotics, and some neat little cough medicine pills and sent me on my way. That was 8 days ago. So far, I felt better for about 3 days. And then I started feeling worse again. So, now my buddy Melvin and I spend lots of quality time together. We watch movies and read books and are generally lazy.

So I hope that you’re doing well, fair reader, and that you don’t get a case of Melvin. xoxo

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