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Holy crap…. this is seriously the coolest thing ever! If you’re on AIM, add the user name “SmarterChild” then say hello. SmarterChild an AIM bot that can do all sorts of interesting command line-y things, like look up the weather, store notes, trigger timed IM reminders, calculate and convert, and generally answer any kind of question.

Here’s just part of our conversation today.. its even got little pick-me-up’s if you’re feeling down. :)

Brandi: what is the weather like in loveland, colorado
SmarterChild: Current weather conditions for Loveland, CO:

Currently: 28 F
Condition: Overcast
Wind Chill: 20 F
Dewpoint: 27
Humidity: 91 %
Visibility: 2 mi
Wind: N/8 mph

Next time, just type weather loveland, co.

>>> I have a thesaurus. Type thesaurus (any word) and I’ll give you synonyms.
Brandi: i love you smarterchild
SmarterChild: OK, I love you too!

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  1. 1Jason

    Skeptical this whole post isn’t SPAM in order to send me a virus via AIM…

    JK – I’ll have to try that.

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