BuzzWords We Can Live Without

Wednesday, 9 January 2008, 11:39 | Category : working
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If you’ve ever worked in Corporate America, known someone who worked in Corporate America, or watched a television show that featured someone who worked in Corporate America, chances are that you’ve heard some of the key words that float around, driving us to distraction. Now, Tom Stern from Fast Company has posted some of the most notorious phrases that should be banished from conference rooms, conference calls, and hallways around the nation.

Some of them are:
“Think outside the box” – One of the respondents had a great response that made me think. “What box? How can I think outside the box, when I’ve never even seen this box!?”
“Win-Win Situation” – Sure… we all like to win. But isn’t the rule we learn in this game of life that in order for someone to win, someone’s going to lose? Sure, maybe they don’t lose as much as they could, but its a loss, nonetheless.
“Mission Critical” – I don’t know when most of the industries that we work on became “critical”… but yes, keeping that report from being stuck in analysis paralysis is definitely mission critical.

Read more from Fast Company.

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  1. 1Jason

    Just today I related my disdain for the phrase ‘in aggregate’ to a coworker. Not as much a catch-phrase but I’m so sick of that word.

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