Productivity-Enhancing Foods

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I’m a big fan of snacking. I joke that I only have one meal a day, and it lasts all day. (Ok, so maybe I’m not quite that bad… but I do have a fair number of snacks that I keep around in case of munching emergency.) So, when I found this list of 20 foods that help boost productivity, I had to share it. And after this post, I have to go to the grocery store to pick up some of these delightful goodies.

  • Walnuts. These are full of omega 3 fatty acids to help you think more clearly and keep you focused. Excellent source of protein, but be sure to chew well.
  • Strawberries. As with carrots and flaxseeds, strawberries surprisingly aid in better eye sight. Eating strawberries has also been linked to preventing cancer.
  • Papaya. The colorful fruit helps protect you against the potential damages of secondhand smoke, rheumatoid arthritis, and even the common cold.
  • Pear. Usually only available during the pear season and when they come out, I always get them. They taste good, they’re cool in the mouth and they are hypo-allergenic.
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