52 Nights Unplugged

Monday, 18 February 2008, 20:46 | Category : Uncategorized
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I’m a screen junkie. If it has a screen, I like it. I’ll carry it around with me and use it, even when I’m not supposed to (like texting from the ER). So, when I read about 52 Nights Unplugged, I was intrigued. Basically, Ariel (the blog author) has decided to give up everything screen-related for one night a week. I’m sure it will help her engage more with her friends face-to-face (not via text/IM/MySpace/Facebook/etc), get more done around the house, and make her screen-singed eyes very happy.

She’s documenting her progress, along with her rules on her blog. I’d love to try it… but as of today, I just can’t walk away. :)

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