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Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 0:23 | Category : relationships
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I remember my grandmother telling me about her father saying how a man cared for his horse is how he would care for his woman. As society changed, the caring for a horse turned into caring for a car.

Some men take good care of their cars. They wash them, and wax them. They get the oil changed and tires rotated and every checkup. They park away from the building so that they don’t get door dings, and they don’t let just anybody drive them. They’re seen as a valuable, important part of their lives.

Some men don’t take care of their cars at all. They’re dirty, they have balding tires, and only get an oil change when the light comes on. Their cars are simply utility vehicles that are usable and disposable, like a razor blade or paper plate. They’ll run them into the ground and look back with no regrets when its time to move onto the next one.

I can’t say that there aren’t exceptions to this rule, but more often than not, it does hold true. Men who care about their belongings, including their cars and homes, seem to care more about their relationships. They take better care of the women in their lives as well. They understand the value of people and relationships – they understand that in order to have quality things in their life, they have to take care of them.

So for the girls who read this, take a quick glance at your guy’s car. Would you let yourself be seen the way his car is – perhaps disheveled and filled with trash; or clean, shiney, and smelling like new?

And for the guys: this isn’t purely superficial. Take a look at how you value your property, and the people in your life Are you giving it them the attention it deserves?

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