Life Before Death

Friday, 4 April 2008, 21:00 | Category : Life
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Very few people actually like to think about death. Most of us avoid it – when we hear of someone passing, we give our condolences and move on as quickly as we can. Mortality is frightening.

In the gallery Life Before Death, German photographer, Walter Schels, and his partner Beate Lakotta present contrasting portraits of individuals: one taken shortly before their death, and another after.

Rarely do we see death so vividly, have the opportunity to gaze at someone who has passed, and look for what’s still there, or what’s missing. Most of images of death are violent – scences from war and from crime. These are photos of people living in hospice, who kne that their time had come. What stories are they trying to convey with those last portraits? What can you learn from the set of their jaw, the depth of their eyes? Online, these images are haunting. I can only imagine how powerful they would be when encountered in person.

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  1. 1Jason

    hmmmmm, I’m not going to look at this tonight…but another time yes. You’re right – death is frightening. Especially for those of us not convinced of an afterlife.

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