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Thursday, 8 May 2008, 20:34 | Category : Life
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Since I started a new job this week, working exclusively from home, I’ve got the unique opportunity to listen to some of the 3992 songs currently in my iTunes library. I listened to my iPod quite a bit at my last job, and when I’m traveling (like when I was stuck in the Charlotte Airport for 3+ hours last week). Unfortunately, the flaw in listening on the iPod is that I can’t build playlists or flag songs that I absolutely hate to delete them later.

One of my friends asked if I could recommend any Ben Folds music today, because he’s going to see him in concert tomorrow night. (I’m a bit jealous of that, but I’ll cover that in a different post…maybe.) So, I set my iTunes to play, starting at the beginning of “Rockin’ The Suburbs”, and I just let it play for most of today.

I’m learning a lot about my musical taste through this little adventure. Here’s what I’ve found today:

  • I know every word to some albums that I bought in high school. Albums that I bought in college, or after, I’m lucky to know every word to even 2 songs.
  • Billie Myers album “Growing, Pains” really is about growing pains, and epitomizes so much of my high school career. Particularly the song “First Time
  • I hate some of the stuff that Big & Rich did. It doesn’t even have redeeming humor value. Those songs diminish from some of the more enjoyable songs that they produced.
  • I could listen to Ben Folds almost every day. I wish I hadn’t forgotten about him for so long.

More music-y goodness as I listen to nearly 4000 songs. :)

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