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WiiFit comes out on Wednesday. After I finally got my Wii (after annoying the living crap out of several area stores by calling on a daily basis to see if they had any), I’ve been pretty content with my small arsenal of games. I play:
* Guitar Hero 3
* Lego Star Wars
* Super Mario Galaxy

And, of course, some of the sports games that came with the Wii. I’m not the kind who will go the day a new video game comes out, but I’m tempted to do just that this week. WiiFit is supposed to get us off of our duffs and onto the WiiFit board for some interactive workout fun. Its got Mii Games (similar to the sports games) that will get your heart rate up, simulated jogging (which sounds like even less fun than real jogging), and balancing games. It will also test your fitness, and assign you a “FitAge.” (Move over RealAge… there’s a new game in town.)

I think the part of the WiiFit that I might be most interested in is the yoga modules. As you go through Yoga classes on your FitBoard, the system gives you alignment tips and tells you when your weight is off balance. That’s something difficult usually for a yoga instructor to do. In traditional yoga classes, alignment tips tend to be generalized for the whole class, not individualized to a specific student.

The truth is, I’m not likely to pick up WiiFit this week because I’m in the midst of moving, and I need a new desk and a vacuum cleaner a great deal more than I need a new video game. But come later in the year, you can be sure it’ll be on my wish list.

PS. Might not hurt to read a review of WiiFit from MSNBC.

Hula Hooping! Now that’s a way to get a smaller waist!

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