Lost in Kentucky with Florida Plates

Thursday, 17 July 2008, 22:02 | Category : Life
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So, I often think that NeverLost (from Hertz) or GPS systems generally are lifesavers. I’ve grown accustomed to the friendly little “bing” noise whenever I’m supposed to turn in an unfamiliar city. Well, in my navigation from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport to my company’s office in Cincinnati, that little bing let me down. And it let me down leaving the airport – so I there I was wandering around the back roads of northern Kentucky, in a rented Mazda M3, that conveniently had Florida plates.

I hate standing out, being conspicuous, anywhere. I go to great lengths to avoid drawing attention to myself. So out of state plates and rental cars go against my nature. As I’m speeding along a little 2 lane highway, avoiding some of the largest roadkill I’ve ever encountered, I can envision the classic hillbilly taking a look at my shiny car and saying slowly “You ain’t from around here, is ya?” And of course, my boss’s voice: “Don’t make a run for the Kentucky hills when you get there!”

Luckily, NeverLost didn’t fail me permanently. 30 minutes later (including going 20 over the posted speed limit on the highway), I arrived at our office to finally meet more of my coworkers, and set some goals for the upcoming months. Overall it was an exciting and invigorating experience – I love sharing what I love about online marketing with new people. My favorite is the moments when pieces of it all click and they catch my enthusiasm. I like when they see that they can own a process from beginning to end, and every result is their own result.

But I still hate being lost in Kentucky with Florida plates.

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