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I was lucky enough to be able to spend the weekend with 2 of my best friends (Larry and Tara) attending an absolutely amazing music festival – the first annual Mile High Music Festival. Here are just some of the bands that we saw:

Day 1:

  • Newton Faulkner – You’d never guess this guy would have long red dreadlocks when you just listen to him…
  • Gavin Degraw – The only performer from the main stage who I actually saw use the walkway from the main stage to go interact with the audience.
  • Steve Winwood – The man, the legend. He also did a couple of songs with Tom Petty. Talk about once in a lifetime. Wow.
  • O.A.R.  – These guys completely won over a new fan by seeing them live. That’s the way music should be.
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Amazing. Except for the 18 year old who used me as a pogo stick to scream at him that she wanted to have his babies. I’m not sure she realized that she could *be* his baby. Ick.

Day 2:

  • Samantha Farrell- I could hear her soulful voice from outside the tent and had to go listen closer.
  • Ferras – Another band that I’d heard one song from (and I didn’t even know it was theirs) that still turned out to be amazing.
  • Ingrid Michaelson – her pure honest voice and simple lyrics engage virtually everyone.  I mean, really, she tells the man she loves that she’ll buy him Rogaine. What’s not to love?
  • Colbie Callait – the crowd for Colbie was so huge that she just looked like a miniature Barbie from our standpoint. Her stage definitely needed screens for those of us in the way way way back.
  • Rodrigo y Gabriella – ok, so Larry and I actually played Guitar Hero at the Guitar Hero on Tour van for part of their performance. But man, can these two play guitar. Wow.
  • John Mayer – He actually “suggested” that women start showing their boobies at concerts again. And one of his band members went crowd surfing. He’s got so much more personality in person than you’d guess from some of his albums.
  • Dave Matthews Band – amazing, as always. Even from the safe distance of the hillside to avoid being crushed and pulverized.

Obviously, we learned a bit on the first day that we put to good use on the second day. Things like bringing food into the venue in our bags, to avoid ridiculously long food lines for overpriced ice cream and lemonade. We also finally adjusted to the fact that it was ok if we didn’t see a band’s entire set, and if we weren’t in the front row. Sometimes you can experience music just as well (or even better) from a few dozen feet away.

Want to check out a few photos from the event? I’ve posted them on Facebook. See those pictures!

If next year’s line up is anything like this one (please add Matt Nathanson to the line up – please!) I’ll definitely be back next year for more fun in the sun.

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