Save Pandora!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008, 12:20 | Category : news
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If only there was a way that we really could save Pandora – wouldn’t we? How many great artists have you discovered on Pandora? How many otherwise unbearable work days has Pandora saved us from? And now, loyal listening ears, where will we be when Pandora leaves us?


Pandora — practically the poster child for online radio — says it will shut down if royalty rates enacted in March of 2007 are not altered soon.

Despite all of those warnings, the rates remain intact and must be observed by webcasters, even as the battle over them continues. Aside from a few concessions to small webcasters and those with lots of unique streams, Washington lawmakers have not altered the rates, which currently require Pandora to fork over 70 percent of its revenue to labels and artists.

Of course, with all this fuss, there are a few options. A radio conglomerate, like Clear Channel, could attempt to buy out Pandora and the music genome project. You would probably lose the ad-free formatting, but it would allow us to keep listening. Pandora could start charging a subscription fee, joining the ranks of XM radio. They could try to run more ads on their site (which probably get very few clicks, since most people run Pandora in the back ground while they do something else). Most listeners are spoiled, and would likely pay a nominal charge. Its not clear if it would be enough to really provide the revenue needed to continue their unique brand of programming.

Either way, the day that we lose Pandora will indeed be a sad day for our computer speaker systems.

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